So I'm excited to start this: my first blog.

I've always kept track of my inspirations in some form or another, (hullo
Flickr addiction), and constantly read other people's blogs. So I thought: 'why not share the view from MY window?'

1. I'm nerdy, quiet, obnoxious and goofy without sleep, always up for anything, addicted to my bed, flighty.

2. I like knowing the exact answer, but I never stick around to hear it.

3. I'm 100% positive that I was born in the wrong era. If it's more than 30 years old, chances are I love it.

4. I think there's beauty in everything so there's no limit to what I'm going to post about.

5. Cupcakes should be a food group.

Feel free to comment and thanks for stopping by!

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