*image via Bakerella of her adorable turkey cake pops

THANK YOU to any and all who stop by.

This absence has been longer than expected, but everything's coming down to the wire with work and school. SO.. I think the best thing to do is officially break until after this semester.
Black Friday is going to be killer, and exams/papers are due back to back, but I WILL return, with everything sparkly and new, very soon.

Time to get full and sleepy now. :D
I hope it's a good day for ya'll.


Music Monday: PS22 of NYC

Long time, no post right?

Well, I had to get vigilant with the job searching, (GOT ONE! WOOO-HOOOO!!), as well as make sure I get through this semester with good grades.

I have to go take an exam in 30 minutes, but I wanted to post the following video beforehand:

PS22 Chorus (5th graders) - 1000 Oceans (Tori Amos cover)

I got CHILLS watching this, because the looks on these little babies' faces are absolutely priceless. Seeing how much they feel it, and how much doing this means to them, brought tears to my eyes.

I can easily recall that feeling, as most of my entire childhood was spent in numerous choruses and small singing groups. Seriously, there's something about that first time hearing yourself blending and connecting with other voices. It's like your soul goes flying, and nothing can really compare.

Watch and be inspired.
Have a great Monday.


Wishlist Wednesday

This Wednesday, my wish list holds one wish:
I want people to understand the magnitude and meaning of this moment, for everyone.

I want those who still carry hate and negativity to just let it go, and join the hopeful in a movement for true change.

See reactions from around the world (2). (via Fly!)

I'm on a natural high and hungover from pure joy, so yea..
I'll be back to a semblance of normal on tomorrow.


Music Monday: Snow Patrol & Low Motion Disco

Snap! Well I haven't done a music post in a while, but today is the day where I've fallen in love with another song/artist.

This has been a stressful two weeks for me, and I'd been trying unsuccessfully to find some new tunes to get lost in. Props have to be given to Jakub on the ISO50 blog for saving the day. His music posts are ALWAYS dead-on with the good stuff, and he didn't disappoint with his latest entry.

The cover of Things Are Gonna Get Easier by Low Motion Disco actually brought me to tears, and I'll just blame that on the aforementioned high stress ..or something.

Really. It's so smooth and relaxing.
(Check out this post to hear the song.)

The other track I loved is Snow Patrol's The Golden Floor.
Guaranteed to make you bop your head and feel good, it's more up tempo and perfect for walking down the street.

I really dig the mainstream songs I've heard from them. (Hell, I couldn't escape that one song they used for Grey's Anatomy.) However, this track and a few from their newest album, "A Hundred Million Suns," are far better and more fitting to the lead's vocals and the sound they're trying to create.

By the by, tomorrow is a BIG day, and I'm going to be out campaigning all morning.
Depending on whether or not I'm drowning my sorrows, I'll be back on Wednesday.



I selected a few whimsically creepy wallpapers for the occasion, from Kitsune Noir's Desktop Wallpaper Project. All desktop graphics come in a variety of sizes, for differing screens, and they're all superb/creative/fly.

*click to make larger

1 by Kelsey Brookes
2 by Kristina Collantes
3 by Ryan Quincy
4 by Dustin Hostetler (UPSO)
5 by James Gulliver Hancock
6 byAndrew Groves (I Make Things)

Time for me to start my Nightmare on Elm Street marathon!
Have a great weekend.

(Compiled by K. Horton 2008)
(Images via Kitsune Noir)