Music Monday: Snow Patrol & Low Motion Disco

Snap! Well I haven't done a music post in a while, but today is the day where I've fallen in love with another song/artist.

This has been a stressful two weeks for me, and I'd been trying unsuccessfully to find some new tunes to get lost in. Props have to be given to Jakub on the ISO50 blog for saving the day. His music posts are ALWAYS dead-on with the good stuff, and he didn't disappoint with his latest entry.

The cover of Things Are Gonna Get Easier by Low Motion Disco actually brought me to tears, and I'll just blame that on the aforementioned high stress ..or something.

Really. It's so smooth and relaxing.
(Check out this post to hear the song.)

The other track I loved is Snow Patrol's The Golden Floor.
Guaranteed to make you bop your head and feel good, it's more up tempo and perfect for walking down the street.

I really dig the mainstream songs I've heard from them. (Hell, I couldn't escape that one song they used for Grey's Anatomy.) However, this track and a few from their newest album, "A Hundred Million Suns," are far better and more fitting to the lead's vocals and the sound they're trying to create.

By the by, tomorrow is a BIG day, and I'm going to be out campaigning all morning.
Depending on whether or not I'm drowning my sorrows, I'll be back on Wednesday.

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