Music Monday: PS22 of NYC

Long time, no post right?

Well, I had to get vigilant with the job searching, (GOT ONE! WOOO-HOOOO!!), as well as make sure I get through this semester with good grades.

I have to go take an exam in 30 minutes, but I wanted to post the following video beforehand:

PS22 Chorus (5th graders) - 1000 Oceans (Tori Amos cover)

I got CHILLS watching this, because the looks on these little babies' faces are absolutely priceless. Seeing how much they feel it, and how much doing this means to them, brought tears to my eyes.

I can easily recall that feeling, as most of my entire childhood was spent in numerous choruses and small singing groups. Seriously, there's something about that first time hearing yourself blending and connecting with other voices. It's like your soul goes flying, and nothing can really compare.

Watch and be inspired.
Have a great Monday.

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