Wishlist Wednesday

We're all victim to a big case of the doldrums every now and again right?

During the usually blah fall and early winter months, I definitely do, and I always need something visual to motivate me and put a smile on my face. Nothing helps my case of the blues more than a big splash of yellow. Going into fall/winter, yellow in all forms is both bold and warm enough to cheer up any gloomy day.

1. Honey Bear Cowl by Fringe $74.00
2. Cactus outfit by Anthropologie $549.00
3. Bird Watcher necklace by Arete $24.00
4. Mellow Sundress by Ruche $36.99
5. Let's Go Camping Print by Ashley G $20.00

(Collage composed by K. Horton 2008)

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

I love that yellow dress. Unfortunately, that color is not the best for my skintone. It still doesn't stop me from marveling at it.