Wishlist Wednesday

Hellz Bellz has just released their Fall 08 collection and I'm loving everything about it.
CTRL has the same aesthetic for their Fall line, so black, neon, and exaggerated print is definitely in order.

1. Ghost New Era cap by CTRL 49.00
2 & 5. Fall 2008 Preview by Hellz Bellz
3. Chuck Hi by Converse $44.00
4. Lovelight jacket by CTRL €139.00
6. Rogue sneaker (Southwest pack) by Greedy Genius $63.00
7. Photo Op Purse by BagHaus $54.00
8. First Round sneakers by Puma $90.00

*collage background pattern in CTRL lookbook
(Collage composed by K. Horton 2008)


Anonymous said...

ever heard john mayer's song called neon? it would fit perfectly with this post. just a random thought i had.

loveforDESIGN said...

LOL that was actually how I did the title. Good call.
I love that song and early John Mayer.