Wishlist Wednesday

I love the Urban Outfitters emails that pop up in my inbox. In addition to loving the new crop of mid-century modern furniture and home accessories they're rolling out, I really dig a few items I came across on the site.

1. 30" Round Doily rug $14.00
2. Orange Convertible sofa $550.00
3. Pintuck satchel by Deux Lux $68.00
4. Enamel Alphabet $14.00
5. Diana Dreamer camera $60.00
6. Dunk low sneakers by Nike $59.99
7. Oboe headphones by WeSC $50.00

Bonus Wishlist item:

I think I stopped breathing for a sec, and maybe even made some really embarrassing noises, when I saw this shoe. Seriously, if I was ever to be an inanimate object, this is what I'd be, because GAWD these sneakers are amazing. I think I'm gonna cry. lol

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"Snake" Counterforce hi sneakers by Nike $90.00

(Compiled by K. Horton 2008)

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Anonymous said...

I love that couch. *puts that in my wishlist* And those sneakers are killa. Love them.