Call girl casual..

I've been more than obsessed with getting my hands on 'old man' hats and grey jeans for a while now. What a coinkydink that today I catch a preview of Secret Diary of A Call Girl S2 and her outfit is everything I love.

It's cool, casual, a little edgy, and overall just what I want for the transition into Fall.

1. Classic Stingy Fedora by Dobbs $79.99
2. Suede Fur Felt Porkpie by Dobbs $149.99
3. Fairest of Them All Necklace by Disney Couture $50.00
4. Double-V Trapeze Top by Old Navy $12.99
5. Julius Hearts Necklace by Paul Frank $21.95
6. Stripey Heart tee by TopShop £16.00
7. Swing Jacket by Outerwear $59.50
8. Cinch Shoulder bag by Liz Claiborne $42
9. Hey Now Boots by Blowfish $79.50
10. Slim Fit Jeans by Old Navy $25.00

I spiffed it up a bit with more color, but the basics are there. Also, the jeans are men's jeans because I'm a plus girl and it's hard to find cute, grey pants ANYWHERE. My next option is always guy's pants and they're usually hella comfy and cheap.

(Collage composed by K. Horton 2008)

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