Wishlist Wednesday

This is basically what I ALWAYS wear. lol
So I guess I'm already as fly as Dwayne Wayne right? Nah.
I could never be that awesome. All I need now is some prune cobbler!

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1. Smello Sweatshirt by JunkPrints $45.00
2. Classic Flip-up Shades by Vintage Sunglasses Store $9.99
3. Londoner Cardigan by Fox Racing $29.99
4. CDT Graphite pencils (set of 12) by DWR $25.00
5. All Star Sequins by Converse $81.99
6. Pearl Mint Cruiser by Electra $279.99
7. Silence Observed by Michael Innes $2.50 (here)

(Collage composed by K. Horton 2008)


Anonymous said...

I love that Electra bike. I just saw a really cute yellow one in Domino.

Anonymous said...

I love this whole wishlist. And I love your blog btw. I dunno if you read my comment on my blog so I'll rewrite it here. This is daily visit for me now.

loveforDESIGN said...

apipp: I just got my Domino, (such a kick butt issue), and saw it in there. I want one in every single color.

jiovanni: Thank you x10.
I'm on your page right now listening to Eric Benet lol