LOVE: Kanye West

I didn't think it was possible, but Kanye West's performance at the VMAs made my heart grow three times bigger.

*Viacom is snatching up the actual performance footage but enjoy the audio & visuals below.

It was so raw and earnest that I didn't even care about the vocal strength.
He always seems so eager to raise the bar and share a tangible passion, and he can't be faulted for any of that. Although, I was getting beyond sick of the auto-tune usage (I'm looking at you T-PAIN), he brought something fresh to the sound. It's a great song and he kills me with his eye for both style and art.

Here he is looking mighty sharp during Fashion Week.

Love the glasses and the suit looks super relaxed without a tie.

(Images via KW Universecity blog, by Ferrari Murakami | Concreteloop )

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