Fashion Week: Collegiate chic with a twang

There are almost too many great choices for menswear this Fall! I expect every guy to step his game up this season, because these lines are seriously bringing something I adore.

► First up is Andre Benjamin with his Benjamin Bixby collection (sold at Barneys NY):

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The only word to describe it is dapper. The line, inspired by "U.S. prep style and by college football from the 1930's," is absolute fashion genius. I personally don't want every dude to walk around thinking they're as fly as Andre Benjamin, but an upgrade from this lookalike mess going on now is much needed! Shoot, I am so stoked to get my hands on at least a shirt. I'll rock the hell out of it.

Here's hoping they get a site to really display this good stuff.

► Second up is Justin Timberlake and business partner Trace Ayala with the William Rast Spring looks:

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When WR first debuted, I was not feeling it at all. The idea was ok but the end result was less than desirable to me. However, they've upped the ante with the website and the tailored men's jackets are stunning. I also really like a few complete women's outfits, despite it looking as if they fell apart on the bottom halves.

► Last up is Brooklyn Circus' "Class" collection:

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I constantly check up on this blog and business, and they never cease to amaze. If you don't know what fresh really is, take a look at the BKC site and find out. The styles showcased there transcend all definitions.

I just hope people take the time out to individualize their 'fits. Everything in moderation right?

(Bixby & WR heads up via Concreteloop & NY Post)
(Images via respective owners)

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Hot. I like men's clothes like this.