Rita Konig.. I'm in love with your home

(Yea I'm on hiatus, but I couldn't resist posting about my deep infatuation for Rita Konig's small space!)

I received my Domino mag on Tuesday and have since picked it up and flipped to Rita's feature more times than I can count.
She's even posed foreground of a Fiat 500! It's everything I want.

I'm specifically head over heels, heart skipping a few beats, about the bedroom.

The masculine touch of the coverlet and the side table, balanced by the extra girly hearts sheets and gorgeous wallpaper is killing me softly.

Geez, I want to move in right now.

More room inspirations in My Deco File @ dominomag.com



kay* said...

i love love love her apartment too - so great.

Melissa de la Fuente said...

You are adorable (the fact that Duane Wayne is mentioned on your blog seals the deal) and your blog is beautiful! Thank you for visiting mine and leaving such a sweet comment! I was happy to have you there!