Music Monday

So that hiatus lasted longer than I expected.
In the time away, I changed the look of the blog and the extended blog-roll is a work in progress.

I even got around to watching the second episode of Friday Night Lights (one of the best and most underrated shows on the small screen right now), and I'm SO glad it's back for season 3. There's something about this show that just feels like home. It's realistic, well-executed, and it has tons of heart.

My favorite part of FNL, is the great soundtrack choices. The characters and scenes are always perfectly enhanced by it.

It was highlighted when a main character drove down an empty country street, and the song below, (beautiful, slightly melancholy) faded in. I stopped everything, typed in a few words from the song, and BOOM! I was on an amazing musical journey, right into the world of Fink.

This Is The Thing

Another new favorite: If Only.

His sound makes me think of Justin Nozuka and Amos Lee. It's the kind of music you wanna play cruising over a dark street, with nothing but stars above for miles and miles. Soulful, peaceful.

Just the right song to start off the week.


Anonymous said...

Nice to see you back! :)


Thank you! :D
I missed it and I'll try not to leave anytime soon.